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Habit forming with family and friends through a game-like experience!

Avatars evolve and explore new areas through daily habits
Gamification” helps the group to “make it a habit” in a fun way!
We support the group’s “voluntary habit formation” with the power of “gamification”!
Let’s enjoy the challenge of habit formation together.

What is “Playful Habits”?

Playful Habits is a smartphone/iPad app that features the ability to work on habits with “multiple close friends” such as family and friends.

It’s still only for Japanese language.

Playful Habits is recommended for!


Three “Playful Habits” features


No charge for use

Since this is a beta version, all features are available for free.
You can start immediately, so please take this opportunity to try “Playful Habits”.


Inquiries ・ Corporate Customers

If you have any questions or concerns about Playful Habits, or if you are a corporate customer interested in using Playful Habits, please contact the PlayLifeStudio management company.